The Greatest Musicals

June is the month of The Greatest Musicals for the Tower and Broadway Theatres.  Which, surprisingly, means you get two shadowcast shows from us.  Hedwig and the Angry Inch is coming up on June 3, and a special duo of shows for The Rocky Horror Picture Show coming up on June 24.  See our Facebook page at for more information.


We have a great opening number and guest appearance for Hedwig.  We do want to keep you surprised and guessing, so we won’t reveal all of our secrets.  But, here is a teaser: our Hedwig preshow has to do with Broadway and Drag.


We already announced our Hedwig/Hansel and Tommy for our Hedwig performance.  Here is the rest of the cast and crew of All Sewn Up:

Yitzhak/Kwahng-Yi: Chels Stinson

Skszp (guitar/piano)/Korean Sergeant’s Wife: Sydney Vance

Jacek (guitar): Jake Howard

Krzysztof (bassist)/Korean Sergeant’s Wife: Nicolas Vallejo

Schlatko (drums)/Korean Sergeant’s Wife: Allen Roum

Phyllis Stein: Jen Ogle

Sergeant Luther Robinson: Forrest Eth

Hansel’s Dad/Doctor/Pizza Guy/Fat Guy: Sasha Pinegar

Hedwig Schmidt (Hansel’s Mom):Jen Ogle/Amanda Dusoe

Second Whore: Kelsey Hufford

Jewish Man: Amanda Dusoe

Goth Boy: Jesse Clark

Extras as needed: Amanda Dusoe/Jesse Clark/ Micheal Caldwell

Spotlight: Patrick Smith

Props/Costumes: Christy “Vigi” Thomas/Kelsey Hufford/Jen Ogle

Directors: Christy “Vigi” Thomas/Jen Ogle


We always welcome people to play with us.  You can message our group on Facebook or email us at


This whole season we will be doing our best to aid in the collection efforts for a special SLC woman and goth icon, Cinamon Hadley, who is dear to our hearts. Please click and donate if you can Share as much as you can. We will have collection jars at our shows and event booths all year.

~Don’t Dream It, Be It!~

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